Avoid surprises with one-on-one communication

Managers often live in a short-term world. They obsess over today's numbers and deliverables. They drop the ball on long-term coaching, and communication. Employees feel disempowered; problems grow; politics seep in.

One-on-one meetings are the cornerstone of a good management relationship. They are the best way to handle all of the topics that do not fit neatly into emails, status reports, and team meetings.

Be prepared for your 1:1s with pre-meeting emails

Like it or not, managers live in their inboxes. That is why we designed Grokky to interact with you via email, mobile-friendly too. You don't need to have "yet another tab" open.

Our email reminders have everything you need to run a productive one-on-one meeting. Reply to the email with your notes to save them. It really is that easy.

Follow-up task tracking ensures you keep your word

When you write up your meeting notes, simply add a hash tag #forme at the end of every line that makes a promise for a follow-up. We automatically turn the line into a task, and will send you a reminder well before your next 1:1 so that you can make sure you did what you said you would do.

Have you ever had a manager said, "Yeah, I will look into that for you." and then totally forgot? Don't be that manager. Set follow-up items and Grokky will keep track of them, by person. Be confident that when you need to look into something, you will.

Great companies use Grokky to support talented managers.

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