Hold more productive one-on-one meetings

Whether you meet with your boss, employee, or peer, one-on-ones are all about collaboration. Both of you need to be prepared before the meeting and have a system for accomplishing the next steps afterward.

Grokky provides everything you need to hold great one-on-ones. Our pre-meeting emails prepare both sides with an agenda and shared notes from the previous meetings. After meeting, save your private notes or assign follow-up tasks.

Convenient agenda creation

Both of you can contribute to the upcoming one-on-one agenda. Think of something you need to talk about in your next one-on-one? Just email it to Grokky and we will add it to the agenda. You can even have Grokky prompt for extra discussion items the day before your one-on-one.

Quickly save and share your meeting notes

Grokky tracks your notes from each one-on-one with a simple email reply. Your shared notes are available for both of you to see, or write private notes just for you.

Never forget a follow-up again

Make sure that you never forget a follow-up task by tracking them in Grokky. We'll remind you to take care of these things before your next meeting. You can assign tasks to yourself, or send them to the person you are meeting with.

Great companies use Grokky to support their teams.

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